Sunday, November 28, 2010


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year! We usually rush from one family to another and are so stuffed from the first one that we can't eat at the second one but not this year.

My brother was working this year on Thanksgiving so we had my family's Thanksgiving on Monday and we had a great time! Everyone came over for lunch and we just hung out and cooked and had dinner that evening. Later that night James said that was one of the most enjoyable Thanksgiving he had had with my family just for the fact we weren't rushed and stuffed...ha!

Farrah loved getting to play with all her cousins! She thought she was just as big as them. They would get her started on something and then go and hide from her and she would run and go find them and then give them the what for! It was pretty funny!

We did find out that she loves guns, not real one but the nurf guns. She carried the nurf shotgun around and would not let the boys play with it. Brincent would try to get the gun back but he had no luck.

In my family the tradition is usually after dinner we put on a Christmas movie and put up the Christmas tree. This year we did watch a movie but waited on the tree for the next day.

This was the first time we have ever hosted Thanksgiving at our home and I really enjoyed it. It was super easy for me this year. My kitchen is so much bigger then my last house and when it came to nap time we just put Farrah in her own bed. She sleeps so much better in her own bed instead of the pack-in-play.

On Thursday we headed to James' grandma's house for Thanksgiving lunch. We always love going there every year. James' dad is one of seven children and we all try to get together on Thanksgiving so I think this year we had five of the seven children and then their families. It is always a house full! The only thing I always forget is the dressing part. It was so cold here so I put us all in long sleeves and at the last minute James changed in a short sleeve shirt and I must say he was the smart one! I forgot grandma keeps her house at 80 degrees! So everyone was burning up but grandma was nice and became the joke of the day. All the little kids were walking around with their cheeks red because they were all so warm.

I love sitting and visiting with all the cousins and aunts and uncles. I think the stories get bigger and better every year. (I forgot my camera this year so that's the reason for no bummed!!)

All in all we had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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