Monday, November 29, 2010

Oh Christmas Treee....

We are officially decorated and ready for Christmas well kinda. I should say the decorations are up but the presents have not been bought yet. I hope to get started very soon!

A funny story....James and I were putting the tree together and at our last house our tree seemed so big and at our new house our ceiling are so tall that our 7 1/2 foot tree looks pretty small. Jame and I both got a good laugh about this! I guess I will be buying a bigger and taller tree for next year!

Hope you like it.

My tree topper

Farrah's first Christmas ornament last year

And Farrah's ornament this year

This year I had my neice Annika write a letter for Farrah to Santa and I just love it!! It's apart of our Christmas card this year! (I love the "benn" part!)

Farrah of course LOVES the tree..I lose count on how many times I tell Farrah no touching...Ha!!

Have a Merry Christmas!!!

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