Friday, December 16, 2011

Photos 365

My friend, Paige, is starting this fun idea of taking a photo everyday for a year. I love this idea because Farrah is growing so fast and changing everyday. At first this idea seemed a little stressful but I decided not to stress about this and make it a fun project. There will be days when we do a lot of things and days where we do nothing but I want to capture my day as best as possible. (Some photos will be from my phone so it won't be the best quality but I have a picture.)

So here's my first week in photos!

Farrah had fun "playing hair" as she calls it. LaJuana and Annika are such good sports!

Farrah and I had a picnic in the living room. We have not eaten a meal in front of the TV (I know shocker!!) so Farrah thought that was extra special. We had sandwiches and watched Frosty the Snowman.

Farrah's new game is playing Hide and Seek. She LOVES it!! So much that we are all tired of playing Hide and Seek.

Farrah's teacher at KDO asked for us to bring a family picture so they could make a family book. I looked back at this past year and I found TWO family pictures....TWO!! I have a ton of Farrah and a some of James and Farrah and me and Farrah but only two family pictures. So at breakfast before KDO started we took a family picture...haha!!

Farrah also learned how to play London Bridges this week. She had so much fun!

I have more photos but I want to write a post about each of those.

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Paige Allen said...

I love Farrah's hiding spots! So cute!