Sunday, December 25, 2011

Week in photos

I'm a little behind in our daily photos so this will be short and sweet. I really want to remember this week so here it goes!

Farrah has really wanted to help me with daily chores so I thought this would be a great opportunity to teach her. This week she is learning to make her own bed. I must say she does really well for a two year old. She has also learned how to set the table with plates(paper) and forks. She gets so excited! She is also learning how to take her plate to the trash when she is finished.

Farrah had pajama day at her KDO. She wasn't sure what to think about this. We were leaving for KDO and she said "Mommy, I need clothes on for school not PJ's!"

Farrah has been very interested in taking pictures so here is her take on pictures...haha!!

I had a first for me. I LOVE peanut brittle and have always wanted to make it so I found a recipe and just did it. I was so glad that I did! It was so good and now I can't stop eating this stuff....haha!! I will give some advise, it takes two people to make this stuff. It goes buy so fast and when it's ready, its ready!

And lastly, who can resist a picture of a sleeping child? I know I can't!!

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