Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Fun!!

This weekend has been so fun!! I can't believe this will be Farrah's third Christmas. Her first Christmas was so fun because we had a baby and this year will be just as fun. I've always loved the saying that says "Live your life through your child's eyes." I love watching life through Farrah! She takes everything in and it's so innocent and new.

On Wednesday, we make cookies and decorated them. I will be honest and say that it started out a nightmare but ended in so much fun. I made the cookies and when I was trying to roll the dough out it was just a big mess. It was so sticky that it was just not going to work. I brought James in on the cookie making and he was even better then me...haha. Let's just say we ended up just throwing it in the trash and I went to the store and bought the already made dough and rolled it out. It was much better!!!

After we got all the cookies cut out we baked them and I do have one question....How in the world do you bake cookies so that they will keep their shape? My snowmen looked like big blobs and my Santa hat looked like I don't know what! Oh well, we still decorated the cookies after we figured out the shapes..haha!

On Thursday we took the kids to look at Christmas light at the Vintage and around town. Farrah loved the Vintage Winter Wonderland! It has a big Santa sleigh and she was so excited to sit in Santa' sleigh. Her, Lucas and Annika ran wild through all the lit trees that were set to music. They played and danced and were just crazy.

Farrah is really noticing the Christmas lights everywhere. It felt like we went all over Lubbock to show her the lights. James was being "funny" and pointing at all the lights for example, He would point at the Waterburger sign and street lights and tell Farrah they were Christmas wrong!!!! Farrah was not ready to go home but after two hours of looking at lights it was time to stop.

On Saturday we took Farrah to see Santa. We are teaching Farrah the real reason about Christmas which is Jesus, but I don't see any harm it having some Christmas fun as well. The first two years of seeing Santa, Farrah was not impressed so we weren't sure what to expect this year. We took her to Holland Gardens to show her all the decorations and Santa. She LOVED all the trees and decorations. She also did pretty good with Santa. On a side note, mommy was NOT impressed with this Santa! He was s rude to me that it totally turned me off and so I let James finish Santa with Farrah. We did get a picture with Santa so it was all ok in the end.

Year one

Year two

This year

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Monica Curry said...

Farrah is such a big girl these days!! I have heard multiple times that the Santa at HG is mean!!!! How are you going to be Santa and be ugly to people? Hope ya'll have a very Merry Christmas!!!