Monday, December 5, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas.....

I wanted to decorate for Christmas weeks ago, but since I was having Thanksgiving at my house I thought I should wait. So I waited til Thanksgiving night...haha! I also had to wait for James' help. With having both my shoulder's operated on I couldn't get all the things out of the attic and I couldn't lift anything heavy.

James was a good sport. He put together my new 9ft tree and I fluffed it (Thanks babe!) Last year I went to the after Christmas sales and got some really good stuff. The best thing was opening everything for the first time and seeing it all over again. I must say, I got some really good stuff last year!!

Last year I ordered these amazing stockings! I ordered them off of Ballard Design. I've been eyeing them for two years and I just finally bought them. I told James I wanted some stockings that I could keep forever and these are definitely them! I even ordered extra to match for our future kids.

This year for the big tree I went with the red and lime green and I LOVE it! It's so festive and fun! Farrah looks at it and says "Mommy, I like your Christmas!" My favorite purchase was my big tree topper. It a big top hat that lights up.

I've always had the dream of putting a Christmas tree in every room so this year Farrah has one in her room. I've used that tree for the last three years and its so fun that I just had to use it for Farrah. She's not really sure what to think about it in her room. The first night I left the lights on while she went to sleep and about five minutes later she was calling me in to turn them off...haha! She really does like it just not the lights.

Every year I buy Farrah a Christmas ornament and I found her a great one this year! This girl is so into Texas Tech football that when she see's a football game on TV she'll ask "Mommy, we go see the boys play today?" I keep Farrah's very first ornament on the main tree, and then the current ornament on the main tree and then it will go on her tree next year.

This years ornament


Farrah's first Christmas 2009

I love this time of year! The promise of new life and promises. Families getting together and loving on each other. I love the cold and hoping for snow. Every year I so badly want a white Christmas and this year I will hope for the same.

Merry Christmas!!!

I want to remember this story from Farrah so this is just for me but you can enjoy it as well. Last week we came home and the neighbors across the street had their Christmas lights on and Farrah said "Mommy, I want sparkles on my house!" It made me laugh and then I told her she needed to tell her daddy! For 10 years James has told me that he would put Christmas lights on our house and still nothing...haha! James told Farrah for sure next year we would have Christmas lights...that a way Farrah!!


Sunni said...

Your trees are amazing! You are very talented.

Jessica said...

dropping in from Kelly's Korner -
your trees are BEAUTIFUL! I love your tree toppers

ACW said...

So whimsical and pretty! Merry Christmas!

twinkietotmom said...

Your fireplace setup is gorgeous! I also love your nativity set. Very pretty!