Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011

We had a wonderful Christmas this year!! We are truly blessed and loved spending time with our families.

Christmas Eve we went to James' parents house and had a blast. I love seeing Farrah old enough to play with her cousins. She has grown and changed so much this year and she is so much fun! This year we decided to make it easier on ourselves and have a dinner that was easy to make and clean up. I'm pretty sure all us girls LOVED this...haha!

Every year Quinn and I pass out all the presents. We've done this for years and I love having this tradition with Quinn.

Farrah had a great time opening gifts. She kept saying "For me?!?!"

Christmas day we had Christmas just the three of us. We woke up early so we could open presents before church but then I realized we forgot to leave milk and cookies out for Santa. Ooops! This is the first year that we've actually done "Santa" and we totally forgot...haha! So, I'm running to the kitchen pouring a glass of milk and eating half a cookie so Farrah will see that Santa had been there. I promise we will do better next year...haha!!

Farrah's big Santa gift is still in the garage and when it gets warmer outside James will have fun putting together her trampoline!

This year, James was my hardest one to shop for! He had no idea what he wanted and I had no clue. I did get to surprise him which was fun! A couple of months ago he mentioned wanting a shot gun shell reloader so I found one and that's what he got. He was really surprised and very excited.

After presents we headed outside so Farrah could play in the snow. I LOVED having a white Christmas! Farrah loved every minute of playing in the snow and we had fun watching her.

We celebrated Christmas with my family on Monday. It was nice being able to spread Christmas out this year. We weren't running from one family to the other family.

Every year my Meme makes every great grandchild a blanket and we love these blankets! I just love that she still gives homemade gifts!!

We had a great Christmas and really enjoyed out families. We are truly blessed!

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