Sunday, January 13, 2013

Project 365 - Days 7-13

This week has been pretty busy and a lot of fun!  After looking back at this week I realized how many times Farrah and and I go see her doctor/therapist.  Poor girl goes to the doctor/therapist three times a week but I must say she is doing great and we are seeing results.

Day 7
On Monday, we had a last minute girls lunch and we had a blast with our friends!

Day 8
Tuesday's and Thursday's Farrah goes to food therapy...her therapist is Sara, and we LOVE her!

Day 9
On Monday and Wednesday, I keep the little babies at KDO.  Wednesday was our first day back from Christmas break and learned that two of my babies are sitting up on their own....their getting so big!!

Day 10
Farrah has to go once a week for two allergy shots.  She is such a brave little girl!  She has gotten so use to the needles that now she wants to watch whats going on.....

Day 11
A very dear friend of mine, Abby, turned 30 this weekend!  Her husband, Jantzen, threw her a surprise birthday party and we had so much fun celebrating her!

Day 12
I have a love hate relationship with Saturday's.  I love to workout but on Saturday's I do this workout called "This is Gonna Suck Saturday" and it is so true!  It's the hardest workout I've ever done, but it is so worth the pain for the results I'm getting.  This Saturday part of the workout was flipping a tractor tire by myself.

Day 13
Today at lunch, I was watching Farrah and I am still in awe of her!  So blessed to be this little girls mommy!

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