Friday, January 25, 2013

Farrah's adoption story..

I follow this wonderful blog called Kelly's Korner and every Friday she does this fun link.  This week's link talks about adoption!  As you know Adoption is near and dear to our hearts!

My husband, James and I will have been married 15 years this coming April.  Out of these 15 years of marriage we have tried to have a baby for 13 of them.  I remember the year that I was going to turn 30 and we were going to be married 10 years and my heart was broken.  We had gotten pregnant and miscarried multiple times.  I remember "telling" God that this year He'd better fix things.

On February 25, 2009 was the day that forever changed our lives!  James and I had just gotten off of work and it was so nice outside so we went for a walk around the park.  While we were at the park, James got a phone call from a friend.  This friend called us and said "You need to call my sister....NOW!"

We made the phone call and we had no idea what was about to happen.  This friend worked at a hospital and said "A girl walked in the hospital and had a baby and can't take care of you want this baby??"  All we could say was YES!  We talked some more to our friend and she told us that she was going to give our phone number to the birth mom and she would call us.  It wasn't even an hour when the birth mom called us.  She said "I got you number from a nurse and said you'd be interested in adoption.  I had a baby so come get it."  I had so many questions going through my head and I was also a little shocked and all I could say was "What is it?"  "It's a girl and she has hair...that's all I know."

The first thing we did was pray and asked for His guidance in this entire process.  We called our lawyer to get advice.  We went to the hospital first thing the next morning and met the birth mom.  We visited for about an hour her and tried to just get as much info as we could.  I will never forget what she looks like and the conversation we had with her.  After about an hour the hospital attorney's came and signed the hospital right/3rd party rights over to us. 

After we left the birth mom we headed to NICU to meet our daughter for the very first time!  We were so scared and excited.  We walked in and the nurse immediately started telling us about the baby's case.  Her birth mom had not had any prenatal care for the entire 9 months and she pretty much starved her self to not look pregnant.  The baby was at a very low birth weight and they were running all kinds of test to see if there was anything wrong.  (All the test results came back perfect!)

She was hooked up to so many monitors and oxygen and I remember thinking I was scared to death to hold her.  I didn't want to hurt her or anything worse.  The nurse assured us she was needing to be held and at that point my life forever changed.  My broken heart was healed at just the sight of this little perfect angel.  We held her for the first time and just cried tears of joy. 

Farrah Nichole
5lbs 14oz and 21inches long

We held Farrah forever that day and all of a sudden we realized we needed to call our parents.  We called our parents and they were beyond thrilled and couldn't wait to meet their new granddaughter. 

The next five days were a blur...haha!  Farrah needed to stay in NICU for five days.  She was having a hard time eating and was on the verge of a feeding tube but our amazing NICU nurses worked with her until she was feeding on her own. 

There is so much more to this story and will share it with anyone who wants to know more.  Farrah will be four next month and there's not a day that goes buy that we aren't amazed by her.

Farrah is one feisty little girl!  She loves to laugh and her main goal is to just have fun.  We are truly blessed to be Farrah's mommy and daddy!!

Thanks for reading our adoption story!  I would encourage you NOTto  give up.  We have tried for 13 years and I'm so glad we didn't give up.  It was and is such a hard journey and I felt so alone through it.  Even having the most amazing friends and family that walked with us it was still very lonely.  But please confide in your friends and family....they really do want to help.  They may not know how to help but they will always want to listen! 


Mary Lytle said...

Found you on Kelly's Korner. Your story is a beautiful inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing.

Meg said...

What a beautiful little girl! Blessings to you and yours!

Maisie said...

Farrah is BEAUTIFUL! Found your blog on Kelly's Korner and read your incredible adoption story...looking forward to being a regular follower!

Louise said...

What a beautiful story! Visiting from Kelly's korner!