Thursday, January 24, 2013

Day 14-20

Now that KDO is back, we are staying pretty busy!  It's becoming more of a challenge to take a photo everyday but it's been fun!

Day 14
At KDO there is a nap time for all the kids but Farrah rarely takes a nap there.  Monday's and Wednesday's she is so tired after school and on this day she was REALLY tired.  She never sleeps on me so when she did, I didn't move.  When she does things like this, James and I get a little jealous...haha!  She's getting so big and these moments are getting fewer and far between.

 Day 15
Farrah is really starting to show interest in writing her letters.  Anytime I wear a shirt with writing on it she always traces it and wants to know what it says.  She's really good at writing her F's and H's.

 Day 16
I really do love my job at KDO!!  I get to love and hold babies all day!  Some days are challenging but mostly they are wonderful!

Day 17
Farrah's best friend is Roo!  This poor dog is so loved by Farrah and Farrah does all kinds of stuff to this poor dog.  Roo LOVES Farrah so its pretty funny to watch them play with each other.  It took Farrah a while to get Roo to sit still and keep the bottle cap on her head but she finally did it.

Day 18
One of my really good friends, Kelsey, is having a baby in five week and needed help painting her big girls room.  It's always fun to get with good friends and bless them.

Day 19
Farrah is changing everyday and growing up so fast!  She loves "reading" to her babies.

Day 20
Sunday's after church is our LAZY day.  This is our favorite day of the week!  We all take a good long nap and watch football all day.  We don't move off the couch until its time to eat....and it is exactly what we need!!

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