Sunday, January 27, 2013

Days 21-28

This has been  another fun week...crazy but fun!  It's been an emotional week too.  After three years we were able to see our friends bring home their son from Ethiopia!

Day 21
On Sunday, Jason and Vanessa flew home with their son, Abe.  Abe is adopted from Ethiopia and is almost seven.  When we welcomed him home, it was so fun to see him.  It was very late but we were so glad we brought Farrah with us.  Abe and Farrah played soccer through the airport...haha!

Farrah waiting for Abe to come home!

Abe is home!!

Day 22
James and I are eating healthy and the worst part for me is not being able to eat muffins.  I was so happy when a friend gave me a healthy recipe for blueberry and banana nut muffins!!

Day 23
Farrah has been having some tummy issues for the past week so we went for a visit to our favorite doctor's office.  I always think its so funny how kids love to spin the chair round and never got old and provided lots of giggles!

Day 24
On Wednesday's, Farrah has gymnastics and her favorite thing is the beam.

Day 25
It has been so pretty outside this week so we enjoyed it as much as possible!

Day 26
While we waited at the allergy doctor (we have to wait 15 minutes after shots for any reactions before we can leave), Farrah was given a new sticker.....a Potato Head sticker.  This sticker had many makeovers.

Day 27
We had a shower for Jason, Vanessa and Abe.  Abe was much more interested in playing outside then opening gifts....He is all BOY!!

Day 28
Every week before church we try to go and eat breakfast.  This week Farrah chose donut holes which is no surprise while mom and dad had bacon and eggs at Taco Villa...haha!

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