Sunday, April 3, 2011

Oh Poo!

Farrah has been giving us a run for our money lately!! She is so full of energy and she is into everything. My sister, Shawna came over the other day just to say hi and the first thing she said was "Wow...she is busy!" Yes, we know!

A couple of months ago I had to change Farrah's pj's to the kind that zips down the front from the two piece because she would wake up and the bottoms would be off and diaper off as well. I found the cutest little pj's and thought surly Farrah has passed that phase so I'll try it again. The first night no problems so I tried it again last night.

This morning Farrah woke up around 9am which is normal and she was just singing her heart out which is also normal and then she got quiet. I know when Farrah gets quiet its pretty much trouble and this morning was no different. She is potty trained but I still put a diaper on her at night and when I went into her room she announced to me that she was big deal because she knows! I could smell it of course and said "Yes, your dirty" and then I turned on the light and saw what I had prayed would never happen! She had gotten her bottoms and diaper off and smeared poop all over her face and body!! There was poop all over her bed and carpet. I just stood there and started laughing and started yelling for James to come help. There was poop everywhere! She had it under her fingernails, all over her face, body and hair so needless to say she got a bath right away!

James came running into help and just started gagging. I asked him if he wanted to bathe Farrah or clean her bed and floor and he took Farrah's room which really surprised me. When I got Farrah in the tub I just started laughing and she was so proud of herself! She kept saying "Momma I poop!" I had to scrub her face so hard to get all the poop off and she was saying "Ouch mommy."

I can officially say we have reached two's and to be honest it scares me a little bit. She's already peed in a playground and smeared poop on her body and I have to ask myself what's next????


Monica Curry said...

oh no!!!! she might give mr braidy a run for his money! haha. i'm glad you laughed, what else is there to do! you most certainly can't get mad at that cute if it becomes a regular occurance.....

Smartie Duck said...

Oh my...laughing until I cried.

Been there, but I didn't take pictures!

Kyden actually did wall graffiti with hers....