Friday, April 1, 2011

A first for mommy and Farrah.....

We haven't really had much going on lately so I haven't blogged but today is a blog worthy day. I always loved growing up and my parents would tell us stories about how we would embarrass them in public and I would always wonder what my children would do to me.

I'm going to start off with one of my parents embarrassing stories with my brother, Lance. When he was about five years old he was having his picture taken. There was this little girl all dressed up and looking so pretty for her pictures when my parents turn around and discover that Lance had peed all over this little girl before her pictures had even been taken! Needless to say my parents were so embarrassed!

Today Farrah and I are having lunch with Kelsey, Madison and Peyton at Chick fil a and having a great time. I remember my parents hating the playgrounds at restaurants because we would rather play then eat...well today was no different for me. I think Farrah ate about half her meal and she and Madison went to go play. Kelsey and I were having a great conversation just enjoying our lunch when I start looking for Farrah. No big deal she is half way up the ladder and there is this halfway part that she can play and just hang out in. I'm watching her and I start to notice that she is just standing there frozen in place, so I go to see if she is ok and I discovered she is peeing everywhere!! Not just a little but a river of pee. I grab her and apologize to the mother that is trying to get her kid out.

I take her to Kelsey so I can go find someone to tell and Kelsey is cracking up so thankful it wasn't her kid! So I'm laughing and when I go find the girl who is in charge of the play area I tell her "some kid" just peed all over the place and she rolls her eyes and gives me a give huff! I didn't have the heart to tell her it was my kid so I just walk away and I get back to the table and just start busting out laughing! Farrah is announcing to the world "Mommy I tee tee!" Yes baby I know.

I tell Kelsey goodbye and rush Farrah to the car and I just can't believe what just happened! Right before this happened we were laughing at one of our friends Facebook status and it said that come kid and just peed in the balls at the McDonald's and Kelsey and I were just laughing and saying how we just couldn't believe it.

I get to the car and Kelsey sends me this text....They have evacuated the play area!! WHAT?!?! So I called her and she is laughing so hard and all I can hear is this kid screaming in the background and Kelsey tells me that this kid is on the floor throwing a fit because he had to leave the play area. Then she tells me she stayed a little longer and watched all the moms sterilize their children.....come on people, its pee!!

(How can you be upset with a face like that??)

Needless to say this was my first embarrassing public thing. I know this will not be the last but I must say I'm glad its over with!! I LOVE being a mommy and learning new things and discovering things I never knew about myself. As for being embarrassed I really thought it was more funny then anything. Come on give me a break, Farrah has only been potty trained for two weeks and she was busy playing! All children have accidents and I was not going to get on to her about something like that.....we have to learn to laugh! I'm not a serious person anyways so that makes it that much easier!


Marsha❤ said...

Hope you don't mind~ after reading this and having such a good laugh~ had to show it to David & we laughed together. You are making some wonderful memories that will last a life time. =0 ) I wish I had been there to share this one. You are such a good mommy & handled that situation quite well. Cherish every moment! Love ya!! Marsha

Unknown said...

How funny! Sometimes a girl has just gotta go!