Saturday, April 30, 2011


We had a wonderful Easter weekend this year! It's so weird to think that last Easter Farrah wasn't even walking....oh how time flies! This year Farrah really got involved in the Easter hunts and it just really warmed my heart. Year after year after year we went to family Easter gatherings and would watch and smile at all of the nieces and nephews hunt eggs and I would always find myself asking God, why and when and last year was a dream come true and this year was no less!

This year Easter weekend was a little crazy...I had a baby shower and two family Easter cookouts and James worked all weekend and was actually apart of the Easter service at church (that is a whole other post in it self). The first cookout was with my family on Saturday and we had so much fun. I love spending time with our families!

Then Sunday we went to church and it was fun seeing James on stage. Farrah had a rough night of sleep so she decided to stay with me during church. She was so fun to watch. She noticed her daddy on stage and she got this real big smile on her face and pointed and announced to everyone around us that that was her daddy!! This girl LOVES her daddy!!

After church just the three of us went to lunch and then came home and crashed til we had to get ready for the second cookout. It was funny cause we were all so tired from the busy weekend that we slept through our alarm! I woke up at 4:45pm and the family was going to be here at 5pm. Let me just say I flew out of bed and kicked James out as well...haha!

The Fortner family came and we celebrated Easter and Jim's birthday and again had so much fun. After dinner the girls hunted eggs and then we had our annual confetti egg fight and let me say it was a full out war this year! I LOVE this tradition!

Easter Sunday

This picture cracks me up cause we spent a good 30minutes trying to get all the confetti out of hair and down our clothes. I don't think my backyard will ever be confetti and egg free...haha!!!

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