Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What's Farrah up to...

Oh miss Farrah you are up to a lot these days! We went to see Dr. G today and you are becoming a big girl.

You weigh 19lbs 10oz (25th percentile)
You are 30.2 inches tall (90th percentile)
and your head is in the 75th percentile

You are adding new words and you FINALLY said mama. You don't say it very much but you said it and your daddy heard it to!

You are so close to walking. You want to take my fingers and walk everywhere and you get very upset when I let go.

You are so funny. You have learned to blow kisses are you are VERY dramatic about it. You have learned more baby language. You can say more and all done and we are working on please and thank you. You are giving five's. You are winking which is my personal favorite.

You are very tender hearted. You can get your feeling hurt very easy on some things but on other things I see you dig your heels in...will be interesting in a few years.

Every month I say this is my favorite and again this is my favorite age. You are growning up so fast and no longer a "baby" and seeing you change into a toddler is so much fun. Love you sweet angel girl!

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The Louders said...

Dear Farrah,
I got home and sadly realized I didn't hold u
tonight. Not that you wouldve stayed still long
enough... :). You're just growing like a weed and
are absolutely adorable and gorgeous! I love
how you look just like your mommy and your
daddy--especially tonight! You have the most
beautiful smile that lights up your face and the
room! Gods going to use this through you in
awesome ways as you grow. I love you so much
and am soooo grateful God brought you into
this world!
P.S. I sure loved your outfit tonite! Maybe your
mommy will post a pic so everyone can see too!