Monday, March 8, 2010

Slow down baby!!

Farrah has had a BIG day today!! Last night I told James that the bottles are going into hiding and here come the sippy cups. As I was washing the bottles James couldn't believe that our baby wasn't a baby any longer. We were both saying it's time for another baby! Farrah LOVES her bottles and I was dreading dropping the bottles. I had read on the internet how to switch from bottles to sippy cups and how your child will be miserable for up to three days! That day one will be horrible and day two is a little better and by day three they are so thirsty that they will finally take the sippy cup. I know this is the right thing to do for Farrah but I didn't want this to be hard for her. So we got up this morning and I fed her breakfast and I got the sippy and said a little prayer. I gave her the sippy and she pulled it out of her mouth and I was it goes she is about to loose it. She looked at the cup and inspected it and then put it back in her mouth and drank all of it. I was so relieved!

Then this morning she was playing with Crew and was standing up all by herself so I got the idea to see if she would walk to me. I held my hands out and she took one step so I wasn't real sure if that was a real step so I put her a little further back and she took three steps all by herself!! I knew she was close to walking and it was so sweet to see her and she was so proud of herself!

Farrah you are doing so many fun things right now and you make my day everyday!

Here is a couple of pictures of the little Ms.

This picture of Farrah cracks me up. For all of you who think Farrah never cries.

We were about to go to dinner with the Watts and Louders and I just had to get a picture of how cute she was and this is what I got.

I wanted to see if I could get "pig tails" on Farrah and this is what it looks like....pretty darn cute if you ask me!

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