Monday, March 29, 2010

Is it nap time yet??

Have you ever had one of those days that you can't wait for nap time?? Today is one of those days for me and Farrah. We had an appointment this morning at 9am and by the time we left I had already lost count on how many times I had told Farrah no. No, leave your socks on, no, don't throw you food on the floor, no, don't stand on Crew, no, don't steal Crew's paci and blanket, no, keep your bow in. That was all before we got to our appointment! And I wonder why Farrah is saying no and shaking her head no. Ha!

It seems like over night she has become a little toot. I know it's an age thing and she is into EVERYTHING!! She is still so much fun and it's hard not to laugh at her when she is doing something she knows is wrong. The last couple of weeks she has started screaming in restaurants. We have had to leave a couple of times because she just won't stop. I think our restaurant places will be limited for a while. We try to eat at restaurants that are loud so they won't hear Farrah as much. I keep telling myself it's only a stage...we will out grow this too!

And then you look at that little face and she crinkles her nose and smiles and just melts your heart!! Who can stay upset with a face like that?

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