Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Springbreak fun!

Last week was such a fun week! The first part of the week was exhausting but we survived knowing that we had a fun weekend ahead. We started out by getting our house ready to put on the market. We worked so late every night and were worn out but it was so worth it! We had our house on the market for two days and got an offer! We signed all the paperwork yesterday and have to be out by April 22nd, and yes we already have a house that we found and we love. I was surprised by one thing though...we have lived in this house for eleven years and when it we finally realized that our house really did sell I got emotional. We have so many great memories in this house. We have lost babies in this home, brought Farrah home to this house and we have my beloved Rugby (my favorite dog ever) buried here at this home. I ask James if he would dig Rugby up so we could take him and I got a your crazy look. We have remodeled this house all on our own and I love this house. If it was bigger I would stay here. On to better and bigger homes and I am very thankful that our home was so easy to sell.

We finally got away and we hit DFW hard! We shopped, ate and played our little hearts out. We were joined by my mom and dad and my nephew, Lucas and my niece, Annika. We had so much fun and Farrah loved playing with her cousins. Friday we went to Six Flags and it was so crowded! We waited in lines forever but it was fun to see Lucas and Annika so excited to ride the rides. Farrah even got to ride a little ride and she LOVED it. This is another dream come true for me. James and I both love theme parks and water parks and to be able to take our family one day was such a blast. I can't wait to take a family vacation when our family is grown and we can all ride the big rides together.

We made the rounds to our favorite spots...the guys went to Bass Pro and Cabelas and us girls went to Grapevine Mills and South Lake Town Square. Good thing we took two cars!

Last year we took Farrah to DFW when she was three weeks old. James took Farrah to Bass Pro and was so proud to take his daughter there and there was no difference this year. I think Farrah loves going with him there.

Daddy and Farrah last year.

Daddy and Farrah this year...what a difference a year makes! Yes, that's snow!

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Laura C. Brandenburg said...

Loved this! So thankful your house sold! :) Can't believe how much Ferrah's grown!!!

Love yoU!!