Thursday, December 10, 2009

Things I love about Christmas...

Can I just say Christmas is my favorite time of year. I love the cold weather and fireplaces. I love the smell outside of fireplaces burning. But first a funny story...Yesterday was so cold outside and I thought how impressed would my husband be if he came home to a nice fire. So I have this great fire burning and Farrah and I are playing in the floor and all of a sudden the fire alarm starts going off. Poor Farrah jumped so high! So I'm running around not real sure what to do so I put Farrah in her highchair because lately she loves the fireplace and that was not a safe place to be and then I remembered I forgot to open the flute to the fireplace. So I tried to open it but the fire was to big so I frantically call James and ask him where he's at and thank God he was just around the corner. So he runs in and saves the day! So now I'm sitting here smelling the smoke on my furniture...not a great smell by the way.

Ok, back to the post...I also love all the Christmas lights, music and food! But my favorite thing is here lately my side of the family started a service project for all the grand kids. All of us adult kids were talking about teaching our children the REAL meaning of Christmas and got the idea to have the kids do something for someone else. The first year my parents bought teddy bears and we took them to the children's hospital. Last year James and I got to decide what to do so we bought piggy banks for each family and they were to collect as much money as they could for six months and we gave that money to an organization called Sower of Seeds to drill water wells in India. That was really fun to do. So this year I can't wait to see what service project we will be doing.

This year is extra special! James and I wanted to start a family tradition with Farrah and our future children. Every year we want to buy them a Christmas ornament and start a collection for them. I found an ornament earlier and it was cute but not really what I wanted for Farrah. So today I found the PERFECT ornament! I payed way to much for it but what the heck Farrah will only have her very first ornament once!

This could not be more perfect!

If you can't make it all out it says "How can I thank God enough for you. 1 Thes 3:9"

There is not a day that goes by that we don't thank God for Farrah!!

What are you favorite Christmas traditions??

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mandal said...

The ornament is awesome! Yay for your first Christmas with Farrah!