Sunday, December 20, 2009


Temptation can be a bad thing, but it's pretty funny to watch your 10 month old in the middle of it. Farrah has unwrapped two presents and found many more. It's hard to keep this girl out of them. Her daddy is NOT helping at all with this either. Everytime she gets into one he laughs and shows her how to open it. Thanks James!!

Farrah turns 10 months this week!!

Farrah you are one busy girl!
You like to explore and crawl everywhere.
You love pulling up on the fireplace and this makes mommy and daddy VERY nervous!
You are now wearing size 9 months. Mommy packed up all your 6 months clothes yesterday...kinda hard for mommy.
You have dropped your nap time bottle so you eat three meals a day and have four bottles a day.
Your favorite snack is Gerber Yogurt Melts and Puffs.
You have two teeth.
You can say Hi, and Da-da.
You are such a happy baby!
You love to tease us and wrestle with your daddy.
We can't wait til Christmas and to be spending time with family. This year is extra special for us!

Wrestling with Daddy.

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Mike and Emily said...

My little Bella did the same thing with the presents! Your gal is too cute!