Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas!

All I can say is Oh my goodness!! I finally understand parents at Christmas time. Farrah had a GREAT Christmas! We had our first Christmas at home and Santa brought some really fun stuff.

Farrah loved her new pony.

How can you resist this face??

Then We went to my parents house and had a big Christmas. To have five kids in one house ready to open gifts was pretty fun. Farrah was such a trooper! We stayed home and gave her a morning nap and then went to Levelland and I'm sure glad we did cause that was the only nap she got that day. Farrah got pretty spoiled but I didn't expect anything less. Ten years in the can only imagine!

After all the gifts it was time for games! Us girls, LaJuana, Shawna, Annika, Reagan and me had a fun game of Twister going on.

What a great day!

Then the next day we headed back to Levelland to have Christmas with James' family and again we were blessed beyond measure! Having five girls was so much fun. Lots of pink and Barbies! James and I got a video camera and we have had so much fun using it for our first Christmas as a family of three.

Playing with Lula.

James' mom, Jean, did the sweetest thing for all four boys. She has kept all of their shirts from when they played sports when they were young all they way up to their college days. She had these shirts made into a quilt for them to keep.

What a great Christmas!


Just Believing said...

I was hoping you would post cuz I was looking for the Christmas ornament you made for Farrah the one with the Thessalonians verse :)

That quilt is amazing and so beautiful and thoughtful!

So glad Farrah got spoiled :) They have to on Christmas ! OK not really but man what a joy it is to have little ones around during the holidays!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Paige said...

The quilt is such an amazing idea and it looks fabulous! It looks like Farrah had a wonderful Christmas also! Hope you & your family have a wonderful New Year!