Friday, December 18, 2009


Tonight we saw Santa! We went to the Vintage with my family. My parents, my sister and four nieces and nephews. So the ten of us crawled in the car expecting a winter wonderland and got.....nothing close! Oh well we still had fun. We waited in line for a carriage ride and saw Santa while we waited. The carriage ride was so nice. Farrah almost fell asleep. It was so peaceful and relaxing. But the funny part is when we were standing in line Santa was walking around and all the little kids were so excited to see him. Lucas, Reagan, Annika and Brincent waived at him and even got our picture taken with him. So I wanted to let Farrah see Santa. At first she wasn't real sure and then she went ballistic and crying! It was pretty funny. She cried for five minutes AFTER Santa walked away.

So after the carriage ride I wanted to try one more time to see Santa. This time mom was smart. I had James holding Farrah where she could not see Santa and I was in front of her to hide Santa. I told Santa we are doing a sneak attack and he said ok. So I handed Farrah to Santa with her back to him and she never knew she was being held my Santa!!

So all in all in was a fun evening, the kids had fun and that's what matters most!

First attempt with Santa.

Second attempt (Sneak attack)

It was a memorable night and fun to see Farrah with Santa. I have been waiting to see my own child with Santa and to finally have to chance was so much fun!

Carraige ride was fun. We actually fit all ten of us on there!

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Just Believing said...

wonderful pictures and great job on getting the picture with santa :) I will have to remember that next year !!!