Thursday, September 24, 2009

Trip Down Memory Lane...

This Friday night is Levelland's homecoming. I love this time of year!! James and I both have such great memories of high school and James playing football is at the top of the list. James was a great football player! He was the first one to rush for over 1,000 yards in one season since the 1970's. He was also captain of the football team. He was such a great player and a great friend to so many on his team.

So tomorrow we are taking some friends to Levelland's homecoming. I think its always so much fun going back home and seeing all the memories we made there. I was looking at some pictures from back in the day and oh my goodness! We were so young. I remember homecoming James' senior year was against Snyder. They were a tough team but Levelland pulled it off and won homecoming. I was so happy that James had such a great senior year. He went off the next year and walked on and played for Texas Tech for a year.

There are so many great memories. After each game all the girlfriends would go to the field house and wait for the guys to come back. James was ALWAYS the last one to leave the field house. I remember being the only girl in the parking lot and finally James would come out. I asked him one time why he was always the last one and his response was that he had gotten beat up so much running the ball that he was so tired and sore that he couldn't move. So after that I never rushed him out of the field house.

James thanks for making such wonderful memories with me in high school and through all the years! There are some great memories and they all have you in them!!

James' senior football picture. (Isn't he so cute!!)

James and me after winning homecoming. Awww so young!

James was my date for homecoming all through high school. I even kept my mums. They kept getting bigger and better every year! I can't wait to show Farrah on day.


James said...

You're right....I love thinking back to our first years together in high school and what a great experience it was. Thanks for being there with me through those wonderful years.

mandal said...

OMG! Y'all were young :) I always loved the plaid and denim shirts!! Those were great. Have fun at homecoming

The Louders said...

Oh my oh it! :)

Laura C. Brandenburg said...

Thanks for the encouragement Jennifer. :)

I love this post! How fun to be sweethearts and to be able to share that with Farrah some day!!! You are a blessed couple with a great story! :)