Sunday, September 27, 2009


Every month I say how time flies and this month is no different!! I can't believe that you are already seven months! You are keeping us VERY busy.

What your up to these days...

You LOVE yogurt. You have decided to eat nothing but yogurt. I have to hide your "real" food inside the yogurt for you to eat it.

You weigh just a little of 15 pounds.

You still wear 3-6 months in clothes.

You still wear size 2 in diapers.

You love to "talk" and get really loud.

Your jumping! You love your Johnny Jump. You go crazy in that thing.

Your clapping your hands. Every time you start clapping I say Yeah Farrah and you love clapping to that.

You are sitting up really good.

I find you sleeping on your tummy a lot more often.

Your favorite time is still bath time. I think you get more water out of the tub then stays in the tub.

The older you get and more "real" food you eat the more you gross your dad out when he changes your diapers. I sorta like makes me laugh!!

You smile all the time! You LOVE to laugh and you have the sweetest little laugh.

You love your daddy. Every time he comes home from work your entire body just lights up and so does his!!

I get stopped every day to see that beautiful baby. I think one day I was shopping and I got stopped seven different times in the same store.

Farrah we love you more then you'll ever know. We are blessed by you!! There's not one day that we don't just sit and watch you and are amazed by you. Thank goodness God trusted us with you.

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mandal said...

WOW! 7 does that happen? I still can't believe how great she is at using her legs. What a cutie!!!!