Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My...

We headed to Sweetwater with Heath and Kelsey Friday for the annual dove hunt that Heath's friends do. We had a great time! The boys went hunting all day Saturday. They left around 5am and I didn't see James til 5pm when we had to leave to come back to Lubbock to work. So while the boys went hunting us girls played. We had started off with breakfast with Kelsey and Madison and Angie and Brenley and me and Farrah. We took the girls to the Abilene Zoo. I have to say it was a pretty good little zoo. We say some pretty impressive animals. Of course my favorite part are always the giraffe's. These animals totally amaze me. I could stand for hours and watch them. The big girls, Madison and Brenley even got to feed the giraffe's. That was pretty fun to watch. I don't think Farrah was all that impressed with the animals. She would look but had no idea what she was looking at.

After the zoo we went to lunch at a really great Chinese restaurant. It was pretty funny because both Kelsey and Angie are both pregnant and neither of their husbands like Chinese food so they were pretty excited to be eating it. Lunch wasn't so exciting for me. The food was great but Farrah was not!! I think she screamed the entire time. Not the scream that she mad, the scream that announces that she's here! She was so loud and of course everyone would turn around and stare. I think we are getting to the age that we are not restaurant friendly...just for a little while.

After lunch we headed to the big town of Clyde. Home of the legendary Heath Watts!! I must say pretty impressive. I think there might be a total of ten streets in the entire town...just kidding I don't know but it is a really small town. It was fun getting to see where Heath and Kelsey have spent alot of their time. And it was really fun getting to meet their friends. I get to put a face with names now. In the afternoon we headed to Kelsey's friends house, Amy and hung out there so the girls could play. There were a lot of ladies there and all of the babies. I think I counted and there were seven ladies and out of the seven ladies there were six baby girls all under the age of two!! There was one older little girl, Allie and I think she was seven. So we had a house full of girls!! It was so fun just talking to everyone and seeing all the babies everywhere!! Unfortunately James and I had to leave before the big cookout that night. I think in all they were going to have around 50 people. Next year we will plan better so we can stay for the cookout.

What a fun weekend. Thanks Heath and Kelsey for inviting us and it was so much fun meeting your incredible friends!!

The girls enjoying the zoo.

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