Saturday, September 12, 2009

Go Tech!

Farrah experienced her first Texas Tech home game. She was great!! I just knew she would freak out at all the noise but she didn't! She didn't fuss hardly at all, just when she was tired. She even took a thirty minute nap during the loudest part of the game. James had to work tonight so we missed him. I was a little worried how I was going to carry everything and a baby because it was cold and windy. I had her coat, blanket and diaper bag and baby and never missed a beat.

Go Tech!

While I was getting Farrah to sleep I had like three different men come up to me and ask about my necklace. Their wive's sent them to ask me where I got it!! James would never do that! I thought about it later and I should of told them I would sell it for the right price!! Oh well next time.

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The Louders said...

Ha, I always think of that after the fact--"shoot, I shoulda told 'em they could buy this one from me!" :)
Love the pics---go Tech! We were there too, Maci seemed to like the noise. :) Farrah, you're such a cutie--LOVE the bow!!! This is the first of many Tech games/activities for you!!