Monday, January 11, 2010

Shoes, shoes and more shoes!

If you know me at all you know that I LOVE shoes!! Last year we played a game and one of the questions was for the husbands and it was "How many pairs of shoes does your wife own?" This is a scary question!! I don't really want James to know how many pairs of shoes I have. If he really knew he would its time for honesty. After James found out he just laughed! He knows my love for shoes. I have even bought shoes and tried to find an outfit to match the shoes..I know it's awful!

So I think I have passed my love of shoes onto my daughter. I think its great, James might be sending Farrah to counseling before high school(just kidding), if not Farrah then me! For Christmas my wonderful mother-n-law, Jean got Farrah the cutest boots I have ever seen and Farrah loves them. Everytime I put them on her feet Farrah just lights up and wants them off her feet so she can hold them and admire them. So now I find myself finding clothes for Farrah so she can wear these boots.

Aren't these adorable!!


ashley said...

Are those from my store or the holiday happening booth? I sell those! Grace has six pair and I do the same thing- purposefully seek out outfits that match. they are so cute!

Fortner Family said...

They did come from your store! I was so excited to open this gift for Farrah!

The Louders said...

Well I will just have to go to Ashley's store and get Maci some of those!! Then we can go shopping for an outfit. :)