Thursday, January 7, 2010

All about friends

Farrah is getting to the age that she is recognizing kids. I love this stage! Everywhere we go she finds a kid and wants so badly to talk to them. She will smile real big and wave and get so excited. It's pretty sweet.

Earlier this week Farrah's friend, Madison came to play. Farrah woke up and was so excited to see Madi. Those two girls are so funny to watch together. Madison is 11 months older then Farrah and Farrah tries so hard to be like Madi. She tries to be where Madison is and follows her around everywhere she goes. One day Farrah you will be walking and talking and will be able to keep up with her. I think the sweetest thing is when they love on each other. Wide open mouth kisses and lots of hugs. It just makes my heart skip when I see these girls together.

Here are a couple of pictures of the girls together.

We went to a basketball game and Farrah wanted to sit next to Madison. I was trying to get a cute picture of them and after three times I got the funniest picture. For some reason Madison put her finger in Farrah's mouth and well I'll let the picture tell the rest of the story...

I love Madison's face!

I think these girls will be great friends!

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Leah said...

Your daughter is beautiful. How wonderful that she is starting to enjoy interaction with other little kids. It's always so fun to see them playing together. :-D