Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Girls just want to have fun!

Farrah doesn't usually wear me out but today...she is into everything! I try my best to let her play but at the same time not letting all the toys overcome the house. Today I was needing to get some stuff done and Farrah had freedom (with in limits of course). I was doing laundry, making baby food and taking care of Crew (I'm keeping this adorable little guy during the day) and turned around and Farrah had dumped all the water out of the dog bowl and I found her licking the dog food bowl, she tore up paper towels and then she had cleared all of her books off her shelf. I of course can only watch while I'm feeding Crew and laugh at her. She was having so much fun! I'm learning that it really is ok for Farrah to get her hands dirty and just have fun. How else is she going to learn?

Playing with the dog bowl.

Playing hide and seek!

My kitchen after Farrah.

After Farrah is done reading her books

All in all Farrah wore herself out and is taking a nap and it gives me a chance to pick everything up before her daddy gets home. This is such a fun age. Farrah is learning something new everyday and it is so much fun seeing the world through her little eyes.


Monica Curry said...

haha she is definitely getting to that age where you just let her wreck havoc during the day, and then around 5:25 right before daddy gets home, you clean up! ha! that's my strategy anyways! The dog bowl was my worst nightmare there for a few months. hang in there haha!

Jessie said...

you're an awesome mommy for letting her explore and not getting wrapped up in the mess. go you!

Leslie said...

I've lost count of how many times Molly Kate has played in the dog's water! She loves it. They only get busier!