Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gdansk, Poland

So this is the first leg of our trip. We left Thanksgiving day and arrived the next day. We had about two hours before the school started so we tried to get settled in and then we were served dinner. At the Poland school the topic was "Hearing the Voice of God". It was a really great topic and I learned so much as well. We traveled with Drew and Dawn Brown with Prepare Int'l. Drew asked James and I to speak at this school. James did a great job on how to listen to the voice of God. During the sessions Drew would have them do different activities so they could listen to the voice of God. The first night we had them sit and pray and then just sit still and open their heart and just listen and then write down what was on their heart. It was really amazing to see everyone's reaction. There were so many people who were truly touch by the exercise. The next day Drew asked me if I would share my testimony. So I started sharing how we had been trying for over eight years for a baby and how last year we became pregnant and how we lost the baby and the we got pregnant again and then I just really heard God to tell me to stop. So I stopped and did not finish my testimony. I sat down and James looked at me and said "You didn't finish." I know I didn't finish!! But I knew that I had to be obedient and I was. Right after the session was over a couple made a bee line toward me and said "You did not finish your testimony". I looked and James and smiled and told them no that I did not finish and they said to me that they heard God tell them that they were suppose to pray for us to have a baby. So I know that God spoke to them and that I had heard correctly!! That was truly an amazing experience!! So the next day James preached at a church and the sermon was Building on the Rock. Building deep so when problems come your way your not blown off the Rock!! It was a great sermon and then James told the story about when my family was at the lake and we capsized our boat and how Satan tried to kill our family and he did not win and how through a very scary time we were still able to give God all the glory. And then he asked me to share our story about us trying to have children. This time I was able to tell the whole story. So after the pastor was giving the announcements and asked for prayer requests. One lady stood up and was saying that on the way to church God told her that she need to pray for a ladies womb to be opened!!! This of course is all being translated to us so when our translator Anna told us this James and I just looked at each other and smiled. God is so good!!! James had a really great conversation with a young guy that was a new christian. He was struggling to share his faith with other people and James really got to encourage him! So after church we were invited to have lunch at Anna the translator and Richard's house. We enjoyed a great lunch there and had wonderful conversation!! We were truly blessed and encouraged by them. I would love to tell you more stories but this blog would be very long. So if you would like to hear more about the trip to Poland please just ask me!! I will write about the rest of the trip later. Thanks for all your support and prayers!! We could truly feel the power of prayer. If you will still continue to pray for us, we are still on the sleeping schedule in Europe. I tried to not take a nap yesterday so I would sleep all night and I lasted til 8:30pm which is pretty good but was wide awake at 5:00am. So that's not bad, but I came home and I have a terrible cold!! So pray for rest and healing on our tired bodies!! Here are a couple of pictures of James and I speaking in Poland and a few pictures of the amazing people of Poland.


Dawn said...

A prayer will be added for you.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear about the rest of the trip!!! We missed you guys, but I'm glad you had such a blessed time. Hope to see you soon.

mandal said...

What a fabulous couple you two are:)