Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh This Is Funny!!

I was thinking about our trip and I was reminded of a very funny part of this trip. Of course this was NOT funny at the time. We had to change airports in London. So we flew into one and caught a bus to a different one. So we just left Poland and we were bundled up to the hilt. I'm talking tons of layers!! We get on the bus and the bus was so nice and toasty!! But after ten minutes we were dying of heat!! I mean we were in Hell on Earth! I have never had a panic attack or been claustrophobic. It had to be 95 degrees!! I'm not joking...just ask James. I know I can be dramatic but I promise you it was that hot!! We were on the bus for over an hour and a half. I have my face on the glass trying to cool off and nothing is working!! I tend to get a little vocal and let me tell you I could not handle my tongue! I was telling James to move and he was yelling back at me "Where am I suppose to go?" I don't care just MOVE!! He was taking all my oxygen and I could not breathe. I was just on the verge of tears when I look over and see Dawn taking clothes off. What a great idea!! If she can so can I. I started off with one layer and not good enough and then came another still not good enough!! I got all the way down to my cami and was begging James to let me take it off and I could just sit in my bra!! He wouldn't let me...can you believe it!! I was begging him...the less clothes the better and he said no!! American's have a bad enough name as it is we are not adding the bra less America on a bus to the group. So fine then just move away from me. So after my temper tantrum Drew decides to ask the bus driver to turn down heat. So he does and nothing happens with the heat but instead he added a clicking noise to the bus. So now I'm burning up AND being tortured!! So for one hour I have hotter then hell and I just start praying and telling God thank you that I'm not going to hell!! I finally talk myself into sleeping and calm myself down and and we FINALLY get to the airport and I have to put my clothes back on and run off the bus and feel nothing be blessed cold air!! This was definitely one of the many funny stories we have from our trip. I'll think of more and share later.

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