Friday, December 12, 2008


I have to be honest with you I was really scared about going to Albania. I had heard so many negative stories about this country. I knew that it is a third would country and heavily ran my the mafia and I had alot of fear going into it. While we were in Austria there was word that we might not be able to go because they had had rain for for the last three days and it was causing flooding. There was not running water and no electricity. So this was my way out or so I thought. The day we left the rain stopped and we were able to go after all. Ok God change my attitude and I'm doing this for you and not me. So we arrived in Albania and I was totally blown away. The poverty was so hard see. We were driving to the hotel and I was just looking at everything and I could not handle what I was seeing. There are buildings that are not completely built and families are living there. With no water, no heat and a family hanging up their laundry. The building only had three walls and they're ok with this? This is not safe for a family. So my eyes were truly opened and I was totally overwhelmed!! We started the school and this topic was spiritual Fathering/Mothering. Again another great topic. We met some really great people who are truly on fire for God and desperate for Him. I was sitting there looking at all the people and just praying for them. They have to truly live by faith. Pray for work, pray for food, pray for health...this is everyday for them. My heart was broken for these people and I have so much respect for them. It really put in perspective for me what really living by faith means. We of course have some really funny stories. One is when we got to our hotel there is no heat. The building was built without ANY heat. So it is really cold and raining. We were ready for bed and had no blankets. We had one sheet and you could hold it up and see through it. So needless to say I have never slept in so many layers and I still froze!! I had thermal, fleece pj bottoms, fleece pullover, wool socks, gloves, a scarf and head band for my ears. Here's a picture.

Thank goodness that Pauly gave us a heater to plug in but the funny thing is that the electricity went off in the middle of the night so it was really cold. We walked down to the beach and the neatest thing was that we were told that the apostle Paul walked on this same beach. How cool is that, but wait!! Pauly took us to the old town wall that surrounded the city and there is an old coliseum there. And guess what Paul preached at this coliseum. We got to stand where Paul preached!! How cool is that!! What an amazing experience!! Another is that we were invited to eat dinner with a pastor and his family at his restaurant. He served us lamb. It was so sad!! I know where our meat comes from but I don't see the cows. He took us to the kitchen and show us our full lamb cooking. It had the head still on with eyes and the tongue was hanging out. And all I could think was I'm eating a BABY sheep!! I did it but I didn't like it. I'm just glad James sat between me and the pastor because he could not see me eating just a very small part of the lamb.

Well we had a great trip and our lives will never be the same. Thank you for all your support and prayers!! We could not have done it without you!!

James and me at the beach where Paul walked!!

The coliseum where Paul preached


Anonymous said...

You are so funny! I'm sure it was though sleeping in that many clothes. hee hee.

I'm glad y'all had such a wonderful time. I would really like to see my friend before Christmas!!!!

mandal said...

How fun! Love your pictures. What an amazing trip:)