Thursday, November 13, 2008

Blood and Guts or Poop??

I love my husband VERY much but sometimes you just have to make fun of them! So James please please please let us have fun at your expense. I know that you have threatened me that if I did this post you would delete it. Please don't make me change my password and not tell you!! So there are not many things that freak my husband out. He can kill bugs and snakes and never flinch. I on the other hand will freak out at just about anything. Especially if a bug wants to fly around my head. I promise you do not want to be near me when that happens. It can be dangerous!! So back to James. He can gut a deer and never get sick. I asked him last night how old was he when he gutted his first deer. He said that He was around 10 or 11years old. So I know that deer guts smell but what I don't understand is if he can handle blood and guts why can't he handle throw-up and poop? Just talking about it wants to make him hurl! But the funny part is that every time we go to church we sit around a mom who wants to breastfeed right in front of him!! The mom won't cover up and the child is usually to old to be doing this! There was a mom feeding a two year old once and James was so grossed out. So now it has become comic relief for me. This last Sunday we didn't have a breastfeedrer but we did have a mom lay the baby down and check for a dirty diaper and the dirty was on her finger. I of course have to point this out to James and he just looks at me and turns bright red and wants to gag!! And another time was when, I think it was my nephew Brincent, had just had a bottle and turned around and throw up all over Shawna. James had to high tail it to the other end of the house to keep himself from throwing up. I thought about Madison on Monday night. She did this very same thing to Kelsey. I went home and was telling James about poor Madison and he stops me in the middle of my story and says..."I really don't want to hear about Madison's puking. I think she is adorable but I don't' want to hear what color and texture it was." Ok...Sorry. I just can't wait to see him change his first dirty diaper with our children!! He keeps telling me that he won't ever be on diaper duty but I know that I will have to go to the store one day and James will have to do it!! This makes me laugh that my big strong tough husband can handle blood and guts but can't handle a little poop! Love you babe!!

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Jessie said...

haha! that's funny! here's what you tell him about diaper duty. In the hospital when babies are born, the mom's are not allowed to change diapers. dads are required to do it themself. after several rounds of the icky tar like stuff, the regular kind seems like a breeze.