Monday, November 3, 2008

Go Tech!!!!

Wow what an awesome football game. I had the privilege of taking my nephew, Lucas to the game with me. Lucas is a HUGE Texas fan so we had a great time together. It was so loud and we stood almost the entire time so I think Lucas got tired of standing and all the noise was bothering him but he did have a great time. We have this tradition between the two of us. Who's ever team wins the game for the year the "loser" has to wear the winning teams shirt at Christmas. So last year I had to wear the stupid Texas shirt and this year Lucas gets to wear the Tech shirt. I can't wait for Lucas to put on that Tech shirt. I can already picture him putting up is horns sign. Oh how I love rivalry!! Thanks Lucas for being my date to the most amazing game ever!! The second best part of the night was that I got to see Matthew McConaughey!!! Man is he hot or what!!


Anonymous said...

Man, you are one amazing aunt!!!

mandal said...

How fun!! I wanted to be there soooo bad! Dang. The pictures are too cool:)