Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tag, I'm It

Eight TV show I watch
Gray's Anatomy
Project Runway
Private Practice
Desperate Housewives
Dr. 90210
Jon and Kate Plus 8
Dancing with the Star's
Amazing Race

Eight Favorite Restaurant's
Ruby Tequila's
On The Border
Olive Garden
Pei Wei
Mama Rita's

Eight Fun Things that Happened this week
Holiday Happening
Getting ready for Europe
Seeing my entire family Sunday
Took a long nap
Had coffee with Kelsey
Planning coffee with Abby
Had lunch with a Missionary from Guatemala
Sorry buts that all on that one

Eight things I'm looking forward to
Seeing family for the holiday's
James birthday on Dec 2nd
Tech football game
Getting debt paid off (Almost done!!!)
Staying home
Having a baby

Eight Things on my wish list
Stay at home
Out of debt
New clothes
Bigger house
15 pounds lighter
A new truck for James
To feel rested

I tag Abby and Kelli

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