Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween 2014

Halloween this year was so much fun!  The past couple of years, Farrah has chosen her costumes but this year I wanted to surprise her.  I couldn't decide between two costumes,,,,a pirate or a super hero.  I was leaning toward a pirate then Brooks was born so I changed it to super hero's.

Farrah was Spider girl and she was cracking us up.  She put on her costume and was so into character.  She would put her mask on and would jump off the furniture and shoot her webs...I have no idea where she learned that from but it was funny to watch her.  Brooks was to small for a costume but I did find him a Superman onsie so that's what he had.  I also found James and I super hero t-shirts.  James was Batman and I was Captain America.  It was fun and Farrah loved it!!

This year our church had their Truck or Treat on Wednesday.  Farrah loved running around with her little friends and playing on the jumpers.  On Friday we took her and her cousins to the Vintage to go trick or treating.  It was so fun watching her and her cousins.  Farrah had a blast and Brooks slept the whole time...haha!!

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