Monday, October 20, 2014

Brooks ~1 month!

Brooks, I can not believe you are one month already!!  You are growing so big and strong.  Here are just a few things that you're up to lately.

You weigh a little over 7 pounds and you're around 21 inches long.

You still wear newborn clothes but I think you're getting close to getting to 0-3 months clothes.

You're in newborn diapers but not for much longer.

You sleep really good at night and during the day.  At night you sleep on average 3-4 hours before you wake to eat.

You've been eating 3 ounce bottles every 3-4 hours.  I'm going to move you up to 4 ounces this week.

You've started to smile and it's just the sweetest thing!

You are just such a chill baby.  The only time you cry is when you're hungry.

You started sleeping in your big bed.  You're doing great but mom's not so excited having you so far away.

You rolled over at three weeks but I think it was a fluke.  If your arms are underneath you then you can roll over but if your arms are not underneath you then you can't roll over.

When Farrah talks to you, you smile real big and start kicking your legs.

Having a older sister means you get to play dress up.

You had your first haircut at three weeks!  It HAD to be done!

Happy first month!  (You have your arm up all the time.  Dad usually gives you a high five and mom says "Up Up and Away!"  Silly boy!)

You are such a sweet baby and such a blessing to us!

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