Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dad's 60th surprise party....

For weeks my mom and I have been planning my dad's 60th surprise party.  Last night we had some of my mom and dad's closest friends and family join us at mom and dad's house.

The plan was for James to take dad to a movie to get him out of the house and bring him home later.  Once I knew dad was out of the house, I headed over to start decorating for the party and help mom with the last details.  I had so much fun decorating and knowing this was going to be so special for my dad.  The party started at 6pm and guest started showing up and the plan was for dad to return home around 6:15-6:30pm.  No problem, right?

At 6:30 we still had no dad and no James.  I called James and he said, "Well he should be about 10 minutes away."  So after 10 more minutes, mom called dad.  Well dad of course didn't know the plans so he was having fun in Lubbock by himself.  He decided to go shopping while he was in Lubbock!  Mom told him he needed to come home and dad finally arrived around 7:30pm!!  I called James and told him about dad and to ask where he was.  We laughed so hard!  James didn't know how to get my dad back home without telling him about the party and he just assumed that dad would go right home. 

After dad finally came home, we had a great party!  There were so many friends and family that had traveled a long way and it truly blessed my dad.  We are so blessed to have such a wonderful dad and a grandad for our children! 

My dad came home saying "I'm sorry...I didn't know!"  I guess you could say we pulled off the surprise party....haha! 

Family and friends who came.

Dad's favorite kids ;-)

The whole gang!  (You can't see my brother-in-law, Lance, very well...sorry!)

My uncle Eddie and my grandad came.  We sure missed my other uncles Ken and Kim!

Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate my dad!  He was has been blessed by you more then you'll ever know!


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