Friday, August 24, 2012

Allergic to West Texas!

Today, we experienced one of the worst things we could put our child through.  Farrah had to have an allergy test done this morning.  I know there are so many children who are going through issues that are so much worse then allergy testing.  We have been blessed with a very healthy little girl and we are so thankful for that!  So today was hard and it gave me a greater understanding for the parents that are walking a path with their children who have health issues.

When Farrah was about two weeks old she started having allergy problems.  Since she was so young there was nothing we could do but wait til she turned two months.  At two months old, Farrah was put on a special allergy medication.  All was great for a while and then she started having more problems.  Long story short, Farrah is on three different allergy medicines and when they work they are great, but when her allergies are bad the medicine is no use. 

Our pediatrician recommended an allergy test for Farrah.  We were glad to finally have this option...Farrah had to wait til she was at least two years old before she could get tested.  She has been miserable for months, pretty much all summer.  I knew she had some outdoor allergies but I didn't know which ones. 

Today, we had her allergy testing and we were "prepared" for what everyone had told us.  We quickly figured out that we were in fact not prepared!  They tested for 37 allergies and she tested positive to 30 different allergies.  We had no idea she was that allergic!  This poor girl never told us how miserable she was! 

Today, our doctor explained that Farrah would need to come in weekly for allergy shots for the next 6-9 months to get into the maintain phase.  After we reach the maintain phase she will have an allergy shot every 3-6 months for the next 5-8 years.  The idea is that hopefully after 5 years she will become immune to these allergies and won't have to have anymore allergy shots. 

Here is a picture of when the test had started.....

Here is the after.....

Farrah was such a trooper!  She was so uncomfortable and shed a lot of tears.  I was thankful James came with me today.  He had to hold her hands down so she couldn't scratch her back.  I was also glad I thought ahead, I brought one of her favorite books to read her and her lovie.  I'm glad we had this test done even though she was in pain.  Now we can start treating these allergies and Farrah can live a life without feeling so miserable.  

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Monica Curry said...

oh my gosh, poor baby girl! that is so miserable, and poor momma! goodness. at least the shots will help, glad that's over and I bet she got a little spoiled today! She deserved it!