Friday, July 2, 2010

Weekend Get A Way!!

Last weekend we had a wonderful weekend in San Antonio. We went with some of our friends, the Watts and the Louders. And might I say we left all the kids at home. I will say it was nice but we sure missed our girls!!

The first day us girls went shopping at the outlet malls in San Marcos and we had a blast! Shopping with Abby and Kelsey is always so much fun! Even when they lie to you about an outfit that you try on and they tell you how great you look but you know they are lying!!! HAHA! These girls know how to shop and I love it!! Our husbands on the other hand....well they all three gave us a talking to before we went about encouraging each other...ha! The guys stayed back and went to Dave and Busters and watched the soccer game, USA against Ghana. Then they found this really cool wakeboarding place and Heath had to try it and James and Jantzen watched and then the next day James and Jantzen just had to try it. More on that later.

Next day we started off with breakfast at LuLu's. Kelsey saw this place on Man vs Food and they have these three pound cinnamon rolls. We had to try!! We ordered one and Kesley, Abby and I all split and then the guys ordered their famous chicken fried steaks. I will say none of us left disappointed! The cinnamon rolls were huge and good and the chicken fries were as big as a plate and they were amazing as well!

The three pound cinnamon roll!!

World famous chicken fried steak!

Then we went back to San Marcos to take a couple of things back and that was when we all went back to the wakeboarding place. That thing was so cool! James and Jantzen wanted to give it a try and Heath was so sore from the day before so he decided to watch the other guys and help them out. I know they both got some good tips from Heath. James did the beginner lake first to learn all the "how to's" and then he moved over to the big lake. He had so much fun! I think he might be hooked on a new sport! And us girls...we did what we do best...lay out!! The sun was great! The boys played and the girls relaxed in the sun...what a great day!

James wakeboarding!!

That night we went to the river walk and had some amazing Mexican food! We walked around and then we decided to go and see a movie. We saw Grownups. That was one of the funniest movies I've seen in a very long time!

Enjoying the River Walk!

On Monday we went to Sea World. James or Abby had never been so it was fun taking them. We of course saw Shamu and the ski show. The dolphins were closed cause one of the beluga whales had a baby and they were in the dolphin tank. It got so hot!! We stood in line for an hour for the rapids ride and it paid off. James and I got a little wet but Kelsey, Heath, Abby and Jantzen got soaked!! We rode the Great White roller coaster and laughed at Kelsey screaming the entire time and then we rode it again minus Kelsey and Heath and that's when I threw my neck out...great!!

After that we hit the water park and that was a life saver!! I don't know how long we stayed on the lazy river but I could have taken a nap on that thing...except the stupid water spraying in your face when you floated on by. We stayed out there til 7pm and then it started to rain so it was time to go.

Our before Sea World picture.

And bummer we forgot to take an after Sea World picture!! Haha! We all looked like drowned rats!

We were so ready to go back home to see our babies!! It was a long trip home but exciting. About an hour out of San Antonio Jantzen realized he didn't fill up with gas and his gas light was on and we were between no where and Junction. So after much prayer and coasting Jantzen coasted right up to a gas station out in the middle of no where. That was pretty funny!

Coming home was pretty sweet seeing Farrah. Five days was a little long but she gave us a great welcome home reception. She had the biggest smile on her face and kept saying mama and da dee.....what a wonderful sound!

We had a great time and made some great memories! We are so blessed with wonderful friends!!

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What a wonderful friend Vacation!! That Cinnamon roll looked incredible!