Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happpy....wet...4th of July!!

July 4th was an interesting weekend! We had so much rain that we didn't really get to do anything. We had planned on going to the parade on Saturday but it was pouring rain so we stayed inside instead. We did have my family over and my Papa and Uncle Ken came into town so that was super fun to see them! I haven't seen my uncle in probably six years!! It was fun hanging out with them! Later that afternoon we took all the kids to swim at Body Works since they have an indoor pool. They had been cooped up for to long so this was perfect for them and it was Reagan's birthday.

On July 4th our church had planned a big family day and it all got canceled and had to move inside. Later that day we ended up taking Farrah to a walk in clinic and she had a double ear infection and a throat infection so needless to say we stayed home Sunday. By that evening Farrah was going stir crazy and so was I! We did find one firework show at the Lubbock Country Club so we put Farrah in her PJ's and headed out...and it was a great show. We stayed in our car and let Farrah sit up front with us. When the fireworks would go off she would clap and say "Oh wow"!! It was so cute watching her and seeing fireworks through her eyes. Ok enough talking and here are pictures....just a warning there are a ton...sorry!

Every year for Reagan's birthday we get 4th July pedicures, this was Farrah's first of many more to come!!

Farrah's Lula got her this cute outfit. Can you figure out the details???

The date is her birthday February 25, 2009. The time is 5:23pm is the time she was born and the amount of postage $5.14 was her weight at her birth. I LOVE this!!! Thanks Jean!

All dressed up and no where to go!

Pool time! After Farrah's nap was when I figured she had an ear infection when she woke up screaming! I'm sure all the water in her ear's didn't help at all....such a great mommy :-(

July 4th and ready to go to church! All I wanted was one picture of us as a family and Farrah just would not have it so this is the best we could get. I think we tried like 5 times and then just finally gave up!

After many attempts of trying to get a picture this is what happens...

Yes that's Farrah throwing herself on the floor. I got so aggravated with her that I thought this was funny and one day she will need to see this!

I hope you all had a great 4th of July!!

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Embracing Grace said...

So cute. She has grown so much. I think she looks a lot like you in that last picture! Love and miss you!