Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th!

Our first July 4th as a family was sure fun!

All ready for the parade!

My favorite tradition of July 4th is with James. The summer we bought our house, on July 4th we climbed on the roof to watch all the fireworks going on around us. I would take two wine glasses and two cans of Dr. Pepper and we would sit there for hours on our roof top watching and talking. Talking about our favorite childhood memories of Fourth of July. So every year we take our wine glasses and our favorite drink, James is Dr. Pepper and mine is Sprite and again we sit there under the stars and talk about our childhood. We were sitting there tonight and talking about our first summer in this house and what great times we have had here and one day when Farrah is old enough she will get to join us on the roof top to watch fireworks!!


The Louders said...

Great pics!!! Looks like fun at the parade!! And I love your glad you got to watch the fireworks with your hubby, on the roof!! Happy 4th!

The Louders said...

Oops...I read it wrong. Well, hope you got to see some fireworks from your house anyway. ;)

mandal said...

How fun! What a great tradition...and very cute pics! Love the bow on Miss Farrah!