Thursday, October 16, 2008

Way to busy!!

So tonight is my first night home with James in about three weeks. I know this is ridiculous but it's true. So my mom has been on my case (this does not sound very good...sorry mom but keep reading) about staying home and resting. So I had a dr's appointment this eventing in Levelland to talk about baby making and we did not get finished until 7:30p.m. We were suppose to be at our college service tonight but on the way home we both decided that we were both really tired and really wanted to go home. So we called in pizza and ditched the college service. Sorry Paige but we really need a night home just resting. So I was looking at my calender for the rest of the year and it is crazy. James leaves for a confrence with church this weekend and then we leave for a weekend getaway that is much needed with friends. We have a lot of upcoming meetings scheduled for the rest of the year and then we leave in November for Europe for 2 1/2 weeks. We have a ton of things to get done before we leave and no time to do it. Anyways the whole point to this blog is that I have got to learn to slow down!! I have way to many meetings and not enough family and friend time. So I will do my best to learn the little word n-o and have more time with James and my family and friends. I was thinking today I have not seen my nieces or nephews in a very long time. I saw Reagan, Brincent and Quinn for the first time in a month. I have not seen Kate, Corey, Abby, Lucas and Annika in over a month. Lucas and Annika are coming to town on November 1st and Lucas and I have a date for the Texas Tech and Texas football game and I am so excited about this!! That is not being a very good aunt!! I miss these kids! I miss how Kate runs to me and yells Jennifer!!! I miss Reagan calling me Aunt Fiffer..yes Fiffer and I love it. I have missed ballgames because I was way to busy for my own family. It's only going to get harder when I add my own children to the mix. So for now I will take baby steps and stay home for one night and learn that staying home is ok and much needed. So I am watching the hunting channel with James and its kinda creepy...watching animals die is not my kind of fun but James for some reason loves watching this so I will sit and watch and cover my eyes!! And I will not complain because James watched the finale of Project Runway with me last night.


Anonymous said...

I totally understand about being too busy. I am so ready to just rest. I am proud of you for saying NO and staying home last night. That is the best thing that you could have done. Enjoy your Friday.

Jennifer said...

Hello! I do know/remember're a very popular girl and your name is brought up CONSTANTLY! (even here in Colo Springs!)
All good things of course!

Thanks for comment love! I've been keeping up with yours too via everyone else's lists...but now- you're OFFICIALLY added to mine!
I know, the honor of it all could be too much to handle!

mandal said...

Girl, I am with you in the busy life. I am ready for the holidays so we can just slow down. I am so excited for y'all, though! I know that your trip to Europe will be awesome:) Can't wait to see pictures!