Monday, October 27, 2008

Fun Weekend!!

What a fun weekend!! James and I went to Dallas for the weekend with some very dear friends for Kelsey's birthday. So Heath and Kelsey and Jantzen and Abby and James and me were off for a crazy weekend. I have never literally shopped til I dropped but I sure did this weekend. The girls went to Grapevine Mills, Southlake Town Square and Frisco Mall and the guys went to Bass Pro Shop, Cabela's and PGA Golf Store. We walked so much that all three of us girls were complaining of something hurting. Kelsey's feet, Abby's feet and hip and my hip's. My hip's hurt for two days from all the walking we did but man was it worth it!! We all came back with fabulous stuff. James was so proud of all his hunting stuff and I was excited that I found a nice heavy coat for Europe. We laughed a lot, ate a lot...actually way to much. I can't go to Dallas and not eat at our favorite places!! I think Kelsey laughed the most...she was trying to jump and touch a beam in the covered parking lot (You had to be there) and I was laughing at Abby. Just watching her is quite entertaining. She locked herself out of dressing rooms and would have to crawl under so that was quite a site!! We had more fun just being girls. So, happy birthday Kelsey!! We would love to go on a shopping weekend with you guys anytime!!


Anonymous said...

The blisters have popped, and I am ready to go again. I could have touched that beam, I don't know what was going on with me. hehehe. Thanks for being such a great friend. It was a wonderful birthday.

mandal said...

How much fun! Glad y'all had a good time:)

The Louders said...

Let's go...I'm feelin' good now! We had so much fun, y'all are great! The parking garage scene, priceless, i'm reliving the moment as we speak! The dressing room...I'm dumb. Glad I can be entertaining...haha, never been called that. Woooohooo!!