Sunday, July 27, 2014

Family fun at the lake!

We had such a great weekend at the lake!  Farrah was so excited to be on the boat and play on the water.  She was also excited about fishing which was fun for about the first ten minutes...haha!

Since there were so many of us we took shifts on the boat.  We let the big kids go first so while they were playing on the lake, Farrah decided she wanted to go fishing.  She has been talking about going fishing for a while now and it was pretty funny to watch her.  At first she wasn't very patient then she discovered the bait...worms!  She was so funny to watch.  She kept asking if she could touch a worm but she didn't just touch one she held a worm and wanted to bring it home as a pet....No!!

After the big kids got back we put her on the boat.  She had a blast!  I loved just watching her.  We took a tour of the lake to see how down the water was and we were going pretty fast.  I look over at her and she has her mouth wide open trying to "catch" air in her mouth.  Such a funny girl!

I wanted to ride the inner tube with her first so she could get the hang of it.  I told her whatever she did not to let go!  I really didn't think Lance was going to go that fast with her on it but he was going really fast.  Lance took a sharp turn and some way so how it took the inner tube and us under the water.  I started to let go but quickly realized Farrah was still hanging on.  I grabbed her hands and started prying her hands off while she was under the water and yelling for her to let go.  She let go and came up coughing up water and looked at me scared and I started cheering "Yay...that was so much fun!"  Even though it had scared me pretty good but I didn't want her scared!  After she recovered she told me she was ready to ride all by herself!

After that we "parked" the boat and just let the kids jump off the boat and swim.  Farrah LOVED jumping off the boat.

We had so much fun hanging out with my family!

This picture of us girls is so special to me.  When we were little girls, we had promised each other if we had daughters we would name them after each other.  So here you have Shawna Nichole and Farrah Nichole and Jennifer Sheree and Reagan Sheree.

  I enjoyed my much needed sister time!  

Thankful for a family who loves the water and being on the lake!

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