Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Texas Tech soccer camp

This week Farrah attended her very first soccer camp!  It was a Monday through Wednesday camp which I was glad for.  She was so excited and we both didn't know what to expect.  On Monday she had to be there by 7:45am so that was interesting but we made it.

I loved watching this experience through her eyes.  I could tell she was kinda nervous when we first got there but she quickly found some friends and started playing soccer with them.  When it was time for her to go with her group she smiled at me and said "Bye mom!"  So I left.....haha!

Everyday, the last thirty minutes of the camp they put the girls onto teams and they play against each other like a World Cup game.  Farrah was on team China all week.  She loved playing all the games and it was good for her to play against girls that were older then her.  She got pushed and shoved a lot but it was good for her!

Farrah's China team actually made it to the championship game.  They had all the girls to sit and watch them and cheer on a team.  Farrah's little team actually won the World Cup finals!!  She was pretty excited and she scored some goals.

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