Sunday, February 23, 2014

Get your party on....

This weekend we had Farrah's birthday party at Body Works.  There is an indoor pool and water park there.  Farrah and sixteen of her friends and cousins had a blast!  They played so hard and I'm pretty sure they weren't ready for the swimming part to be over.

After the water part was over we moved to the party room and had cake and presents.  Farrah decided against eating cake this year.....she was ready for presents.  Farrah was in a mood that James and I had to handle pretty easily.  Who wants to see the birthday girl cry, we did our best but there were still tears.  Sometimes you win and sometimes you loose.

Farrah was blessed by so many friends and family and felt very loved.

This year Farrah wanted a Minnie Mouse and Daisy theme party.

This hardest part for me at parties are the party gifts.  I want to give gifts that the kids will love and that the parents won't kill me.  This year I made the kids so happy and the parents not so parents!  It took me two weeks to figure out what to get as party favors.  In the years past I've done candy and coloring books but this year I nailed it!  The party favors were plastic bats and a ball!  The kids couldn't wait to get their hands on it...haha!  I heard a couple of parents say "Seriously, you bought them bats and balls!!"  I smiled and said "YUP!"

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