Friday, December 20, 2013

Farrah's KDO Christmas play

This year at KDO, Farrah had her first Christmas play.  It was so sweet!  Her teacher, Ms. Margaret, told me that Farrah was going to play the role Mary.  Ms. Margaret told me she tried to get Farrah to be an angel because it had more speaking parts.  Farrah really wanted to be Mary so Ms. Margaret said ok.

I asked Farrah why she wanted to be Mary so badly and she said, "Guess who's playing Joseph?  Jack!" Farrah's best friend is Jack....the same Jack who kissed Farrah last year at KDO.  These two are so funny to watch together!  Jack's mom, Dana and I think its adorable but the dads aren't so sure....haha!

Aren't they just the CUTEST!!!!

Farrah did a great job as the role of Mary!  She worked hard on memorizing her lines.  I was nervous she would get scared with all the parents watching her but she didn't.  I can't wait to watch more Christmas plays in her future!

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