Sunday, February 17, 2013

February 4th-February 17th

Playing catch up this week....sorry!!

February 4th
Farrah is all about Snow White here lately so my mom found this Snow White crown and dad just had to try it on...haha!

February 5th
We signed Farrah up for Tiny Tots soccer this Spring and we can't wait!  Aren't these shoes too cute?!?!

February 6th
Farrah loves practicing her front rolls on our bed.....this scares mom a little but Farrah LOVES it!

February 7th
Farrah had a horrible cough so we headed to the doctor and found out she had RSV with Pneumonia!  Poor thing has been on breathing treatments and not real excited about it but it's getting better...thank goodness!!

February 8th
Farrah and I were at the mall eating lunch with Farrah's friend, Maci, came walking up....what a great surprise!!  I can only imagine what it's going to be like shopping with these two in 13 years..haha!!

February 9th
Forgot to take a picture this day....Sorry!

February 10th
I woke up to this site in my bed!  Mom and dad must have been really tired because neither one of us know when she came to our room...haha!!

February 11th
This is my favorite picture of the week!  James was getting onto Farrah about her talking back and I love that he's so serious and Farrah is grinning from ear to ear!

February 12th
Farrah saw her allergy doctor for her six month checkup and we are happy to say that she has five more weeks of weekly shots and then she will be in the maintenance phase and she will go every two weeks!!

February 13th
At KDO we had our Valentine party and all the kids decorated sacks and exchanged sweet!!

February 14th
My sweet Valentines on Valentines Day!!

February 15th
I attended our annual ladies conference at church.

February 16th
Farrah went to one of her friends birthday parties on Saturday....there were a ton of kids!!

February 17th
James and I had the honor of being ordained by our church as Ministering  Elders, but I can't get the picture to upload in the correct format.....

This week is going to be a fun and crazy week!  My friend is having her baby, a reception for the new Elder's at church, and two birthday parties!!

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