Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

For Halloween this year we surprised Farrah with her costume, Ariel!  I think this is going to become a traditation.  I like Farrah not knowing what she's going to be for Halloween.

It started in September when she started getting "Farrah mail" in the mail.  Magazines and flyers that she would look through for hours.  She already knew she wanted to be Ariel but know she had a magazine with all the, gloves, wig and a crown.  She even had all her little girl friends costumes picked out.  Madi is Rapunzel, Maci is Cinderella, Peyton is Snow White, Molly is Aurora, and Ava could be Belle.

Farrah was driving us crazy!!  Everyday we had to look at this magazine and she would tell be exactly what she wanted and what everyone would be.  We had told her that since she already had the Rapunzel costume, that's what she would be this year.  This girl was so persistent and everyday she would say she wanted to be Ariel not Rapunzel.  She would look at me and say "It's ok Mommy, Daddy will buy it for me."  I think she already had us figured out...haha! 

So a could of days before Halloween we went and bought her the Ariel costume.  I hid it from her til Halloween and she was so excited when we surprised her with it!  I must say, she was one beautiful Ariel!

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